Why The Hell Should I Age Venison?

Bart Jordan, 2017

Let’s face it, venison is not as easy to prepare as beef. Cows are fed with the express purpose of winding up on someone’s table. So why is it that high end steak houses go to the bother of aging their meat?

This was the question I asked as a new hunter and what I was told is that it was just for beef. I heard about aged steaks at expensive restaurants and always wondered if it wasn’t just a case of the Emperor’s new Clothes where everyone was afraid to admit that it made no difference. Let state without a moment’s hesitation that I love wild game meat. As a kid, there was venison on the table all Fall until Spring, but we never aged our venison. I believed up until recently that the taste and texture or wild game was a result of:

·         Age and Sex of the Animal

·         Rut or no Rut

·         A quick and humane harvest

·         The time it took from harvest to freezer

·         Marinade

·         Method of cooking

And while all of these factors are very crucial, I was missing a crucial step in this process, Aging. I have found that aging significantly improves taste and texture of wild harvested game. Over the next few articles we plan to share with you the secrets of what aging is, how it is done and some simple tools you can employ to help ensure optimal results for your wild game.