Colonial Potted Venison

Have you ever wondered how folks in the 1700’s kept their leftover meat to keep it from spoiling? Or just wanted to give the leftover roast some new appeal. Read on and find out how easy it is to recreate this historic and delicious treat. This dish was inspired by Townsends Potted Beef video.


  • Any slow cooked red meat (Roasted, Braised…) see Red Wine Braised Elk

  • Butter (Preferably Grass-fed) or Clarified Butter (Ghee)


  • 3” Diameter Glass bowls

  • Food Processor


  • Place the meat in your food processor a little at a time

  • Meat will have a tendency to ball up and you can fix that by adding some of the juice from the roast or some melted butter. Do this a little bit at a time as you don’t want it to be runny

  • Once the meat is fairly uniformly pulverized, fork it into the 3” glass bowl and press down to get rid of any air

  • Stop when there is ~1.5” of space to the top of the Glass bowl

  • Keep going until all glass bowls are the same

  • Melt Butter in a glass container and pour over the top until meat is uniformly covered by the butter. Note: You can only add too little butter in my opinion

  • That’s it the butter will harden over the top and form a delicious seal that will allow your roasts to keep longer.


  • I like mine cold or room temperature on a good cracker or crusty bread